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June 5th 1967

Initial Reason:

As in most wars, there were several small factors that led up to the decision to go to war.

One of the results of the end of the Sinai-Suez War (1956) was that the waterways around the Strait of Tiran and the Suez Canal were secured and available for all to use. This was to be secured by the creation of a United Nation Security Force.

On May 19, 1967, the United Nations Security Force in the Sinai and Gaza Strip pulled out, ending a 10-year commitment for peacekeeping in the areas.(1)

On May 19, 1967, Egypt moved 100,000 troops to the Israeli/Egypt border.

On May 23,1967 Egypt once again violated international law by placing a blockade on Israel's right to use the Strait of Tiran waterway. This again caused economic pressure on Israel who viewed such action as an act of aggression.

Israel felt that it was evident that many of the same factors that contributed to the last war were still in place. There were new military alliances being created in the Arab world that were causing a threat to Israel's existence. A decision was made not to wait and see what happened.

Israel, in an effort to defend herself from what she perceived as an immanent Arab military invasion about to happen, ordered a pre-emptive strike on June 5, 1967. In this war, Israel's primary enemy was Egypt.

Key Military Personnel:

Moshe Dayan, who was one of Israel's military heroes in the 1956 Suez War, was promoted to Defense Minister the day before the 1967 war started. At this time, Yitzhak Rabin was the chief of the General Staff. Rabin later went on to become Prime Minister and was assassinated for his efforts in trying to promote peace with the Arabs. Ariel Sharon was a division commander of tanks and troops. He was promoted to Brigadier General and later became Prime Minister of Israel.

The Recapture Of Jerusalem:

June 7, 1967, was a historic date for Israel. This is the day Israel was able to recapture the Old City of Jerusalem. This meant that Jews would once again be able to pray at the Wailing (Western) Wall. This had been prohibited since 1948.

The military rabbi symbolically blew the shofar, sounding the announcement that Jerusalem was once again in Jewish hands. This is seen as a prophetic event that paves the way for the Messiah to come. There is now talk of rebuilding the temple.

End Of The War:

This was a short war. It lasted only six days from June 5 to June 10, 1967.

Israel captured the Golan Heights, the entire west bank, and the Sinai. Because of the 1978 Camp David Accord, Israel returned the Sinai Desert and 91 percent of the territory captured in the 1967 war.


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