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the war of attrition - 1967-1970


1967 - 1970

Initial Reason:

Soon after the war of 1967 ended, conflict became apparent again. The Arabs had been mostly unsuccessful in the military campaigns against Israel. They made an effort to continue attacking Israel in the few areas they had been successful. This included radical terrorist attacks by the Fedayeen or Arab guerrillas. These attacks began in July of 1967 and continued until a cease fire was reached. Some historians consider the actual war starting a little later, perhaps in 68 or 69. On March 8th, 1969, a massive Egyptian bombardment signaled to many the start of this war. This was even announced by Egyptian president Nasser the same day. It is clear that conflict continued shortly after the 67 ceasefire agreement.(1)


Some people consider the war broken down into three different areas.

June 1967-August 1968 is known as "the period of defiance."

September 1968-Feruary 1969 is known as "the period of active defense."

March 8, 1969-August 8, 1970 began the "period of attrition."

One of the most well known attacks against Israel occurred on October 21, 1967. Israel's navy was already the weakest element of Israels military. The flagship of their navy was a destroyer ship named "Eilat." On this date, it was sunk in the Mediterranean Sea off Port Said.(1)

End Of The War:

A ceasefire was agreed upon on August 8, 1970.


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1). Elusive Victory by Trevor N. Dupuy

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