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About JewishRoots.Net

JewishRoots.Net is an internet site dedicated to sharing information about our Messiah. Throughout this site he is referred to by several different names and titles, the two most common being his English name (Jesus) and his Hebrew name (Yeshua). We believe that the Messiah was foretold about in the Old Testament through Moses and the Prophets.

Over a period of time that spans more than 2000 years, our eternal, wonderful, living God using His form of progressive revelation (as time goes on more is revealed to mankind) has revealed His master plan to us. Through His word, including prophecy both fulfilled and still to come, and through biblical holidays including Passover and the Day of Atonement, we can see that plan.

God has confirmed and then reconfirmed this pathway to heaven over and over again through several different prophets over hundreds of years, each making a unique revelation. At JewishRoots.Net we want to walk this pathway with you and LORD willing we will do it together.

Please explore this site, which is still being developed, and let the Lord speak to your heart.




The JewishRoots.Net Team

May the Lord Bless you and Keep you.

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