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Scripture Reference:

"Now the length of time the Israelite people lived in Egypt was 430 years. At the end of the 430 years, to the very day, all the LORD's divisions left Egypt." (Exodus 12:40-41).

The timeline can be traced using either the Hebrew or Gregorian Calendar.

This time line shows a total of 430 years from the time Abraham makes a covenant with God until the time the slavery is over. All information is from the Jewish Time Line Encyclopedia by Mattis Kantor. He quotes traditional Jewish sources such as Talmud and Mishna.

The Hebrew year 5762 is equivalent to the Gregorian year of 2002.

Hourglass2018 (-1743 B.C.E.) The original Covenant is made with Abraham on the 15th of Nissan (See Genesis 15:14).

2048 (-1713 B.C.E.) Isaac is born.

2238 (-1523 B.C.E.) Jacob goes to Egypt with his family.

2332 (-1429 B.C.E) The enslavement of Israel began after the death of Levi on the 16th of Nissan. He was the last of Jacobs sons to die.

2368 (-1393 B.C.E.) Moses is born.

2447 (-1314 B.C.E.) Moses sees the burning bush on 15th of Nissan the plagues started on the 1st of Av and continued on the first of each month until the last plague on the evening of the 15th of Nissan.

2448 (-1313 B.C.E.) Israel leaves Egypt exactly 430 years after Abraham's exile, 400 years after Isaac is born.



The Jewish Time Line Encyclopedia by Mattis Kantor.

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