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The Third Temple - Rebuilt

There are at least 4 reasons to believe that Israel's Third Temple may be included as part of the coming covenant during the Tribulation Period.

1). First, the Second Temple was rebuilt by the permission and power of a Gentile ruler (Cyrus), setting the precedent for the rebuilding of the Third Temple.

2). Second, if a political power or leader could guarantee the rebuilding of the Temple, any covenant made with Israel would be expected to include this.

3). Third, a pivotal event marked both the beginning and end of the first sixty-nine weeks and the interval between the end of the sixty-ninth and the beginning of the seventieth (Dan.9:25-26). Thus it would be reasonable to expect that such an event might also mark the beginning of the seventieth week, particularly since it would signify a revival of God's direct dealing with the Nation.

4). Finally, the Tribulation is meant to prepare Israel for its glorious Millennium restoration, where the Temple will be prominent; yet the Temple suffers with the nation during the Tribulation.

Thus it seems extremely plausible that the rebuilding of this structure so important to Judaism may well be connected to the beginning of this painful time known also as "The Time Of Jacob's Trouble."



Randall Price (Israel My Glory Feb/March 2000).

Randall Price is President of World of the Bible Ministries, Inc., an organization involved in research and publication of information related to ancient and modern Israel and the Middle East.

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