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Similarities Between Israel and Jesus

A Look At Some Of The Similarities Between Israel and Jesus:

Many events that took place in Israel's history foreshadowed what would happen later on in the life of Yeshua (Jesus).


How Does The History Of Israel Reflect The Life Of Messiah Jesus?

Israel The Children of Israel journeyed to Egypt to escape certain death at the hands of famine.
(Genesis 42:1-47:12)
Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and His family fled into Egypt to escape certain death at the hands of King Herod.
(Matthew 2:13-18)
Israel The Israelites were baptized in the Red Sea as they fled from the Egyptian army.
(Exodus 14:10-13)
Messiah Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist at the start of His earthly ministry.
(Matthew 3:13-17)
Israel The Jewish Nation wandered in the wilderness for 40 years on their way to the Promised Land.
(Exodus 16:1-17:7)
Messiah Yeshua spent 40 days in the wilderness, being tempted by Satan, before He began His earthly ministry.
(Matthew 4:1-11)
Israel Moses went up a mountain (Mt. Sinai) to get the Ten Commandments from God.
(Exodus 19:1-23:33)
Messiah Yeshua delivered His most famous sermon from a mountain (the Mount of Olives), during which He pronounced the ten blessings known as The Beatitudes. (Matthew chapters 5 through 7)
Israel When Moses came down from the Mountain after getting the Ten Commandments, His face was shining with the Glory of God. (Exodus 34:29-35)
Messiah When Yeshua went up on the Mount of Transfiguration, His face shone like the sun.
(Matthew 17:2)

Chart from source (1).

Other Interesting Comparisons:  

There are, of course, many other comparisons. The blood of the animals sacrificed by the Israelites was only a very pale substitute for the blood of the Lamb (Yeshua), which was shed to take away the sins of all mankind.(1)

And then, too, there was the idea of the scapegoat, who carried the sins of the People into the wilderness. (Leviticus 16:10) Yeshua was the true Scapegoat, who took our punishment upon Himself, even though He had done nothing wrong.(1)

The Messiah's life is also mirrored in a very important way in the seven mo’adim, appointed times, or Festivals of the Hebrew calendar.(1) Learn more about Jewish Holidays and how our Messiah is found in them.



1). A Rabbi Looks At The Last Days by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis p.161-164

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