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4 signs of the coming destruction

The Lord Gave At least 4 Signs:

1). The lot for the Lord’s goat did not come up in the right hand of the priest.

2). The scarlet cord tied to the door of the temple on the Day of Atonement stopped turning white after the scapegoat had been cast over the precipice. (Talmud-Mas-Rosh Hashana 31b)

3). The western most light of the temple candelabra would not burn. It is believed that the light was used to light the other lights of the candelabra.

4). The temple doors would open by themselves. The rabbis saw this as an ominous fulfillment of Zechariah 11:11 “ Open thy doors, O Lebanon, that fire may devour thy cedars.” The opening of the doors to let in a consuming fire foretold the destruction of the temple itself by fire.

Tisha_bav_1It is said that the sages knew the destruction of the temple was coming as a result of God’s judgment to the Jewish people for ungodliness. 

They also looked at this as God giving them time to prepare for changes to Judaism.


Messianic-seal-smallGod made the way for a permanent sacrifice through the Messiah Jesus Christ, before He allowed the 2nd Temple to be destroyed.


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Learn about The Fast Day Of Tisha B'av a day to remember the temple's destruction.

For a more detailed read on reason number two involving the scarlet cord please read Crimson Wool.


The Fall Feasts of Israel by Mitch and Zhava Galser p.105

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