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Because Jesus said this (Daniel's 70th Week) will be a time of “great distress” (Matt. 24:21), this period is often called the Tribulation.(1)

The Tribulation Period is a time when things here on earth will be bad. This time will be far worse for mankind than any other time in history due to God pouring out His wrath and divine judgment on a world that has rejected the Messiah for who He really is. (All believers in Messiah will be removed from earth before the Tribulation Period begins in an event known as The Rapture). During the tribulation period the Anti-Christ comes to power and rules over many nations. The tribulation and suffering will last seven years with it's climax resulting in the battle of Armageddon and the physical return of Jesus Christ.

Miscellaneous Comments:

In Matthew 24:8 (All these are the beginning of birth pains). The Tribulation Period (also known as The Time Of Jacob's Trouble) is compared to the pain involved when a mother gives birth to a child. The intensity of the tribulation will increase until the end the same way labor pains increase in frequency and intensity as the mother gets closer to giving birth.

Jesus uses this analogy knowing that Jews would be familiar with earlier Old Testament prophecies relating the Tribulation Period to labor pains such as those used by Jeremiah in Jer. 30:6.

It will occur some time (possibly immediately) after the rapture.

It will include both man made and natural disasters.

Some Bible scholars teach that "The time of God's wrath" and the "Tribulation" are the same seven year period of time. Other names often associated with this Tribulation period include a day of wrath and the day of the Lord.

Though many Jews will perish during these terrible times, the nation (of Israel) as a whole "will be saved from it"(Jer. 30:7).

The regeneration of Israel occurs throughout the Tribulation. (See Ezekiel 37) (2)

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The Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy by Tim Lahaye.

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