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Daniel's 70th Week


Description Of The Seventieth Week From Daniel's Prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27).
1 Week Is Equal To 7 Consecutive Years.

Description Of Daniel's 70th Week
Description or Nature
Old Testament Reference
New Testament Reference
Isaiah 26:20-21;  34:1-3
Amos 5:18
Revelation 16:10
Joel 1:15 -Psalm 37:38
2 Peter 3:1
Hour of Trial  
Revelation 3:10
Hour of Trouble
Jeremiah 30:7
Romans 1:32
Joel 3:2
Revelation 14:7
Isaiah 24:20-21
Revelation 17:1
Revelation 7:14
Zephaniah. 1:15, 18
1 Thessalonians 1: 9-10   5:9

This is the last week or the last 7 years of Daniel's prophecy. Still unfulfilled, this part of the prophecy offers prophetic insight to what is still to come for Israel and the world just before the Second Coming of the Messiah. The Book of Revelation (Chapters 6-19) offers a more detailed elaboration of this same time frame.

While the begging of this period may begin with what appear to be a Peace Covenant, Israel's most intense time of persecution (The Great Tribulation Matt. 24:21 also known as Jacob's trouble) will be in the last three and a half years of week 70. Probably starting with the Abomination Of Desolation referenced in Matthew 24:15 and Daniel 9:27. This may also be the same time frame referenced in Revelation 12:12-17.

In the "midst" of the Seventieth Week, evidently breaking his treaty, the coming prince will suddenly cause the Jewish sacrifice to cease and precipitate upon this people a time of wrath and desolation lasting to the "full end" of the week.(1)

With the full completion of the whole period of the Seventy Weeks, there will be ushered in a time of great and unparalleled blessings for the Nation of Israel.(1) This should include the Messiah ruling the world from Jerusalem, a 1,000 year Millennial Kingdom and Spiritual Blindness removed from Israel's eyes (Romans chapter 11). At this time Dan. 9:24 will be totally fulfilled which will enable this prophecy to go full circle from Dan. 9:24 Through Dan. 9:27.

The Beginning Of The Seventieth Week:

When the time Gap in-between Week 69 and 70 is over then the seventieth week can begin.

The week begins with a binding commitment with a group of people called "the many." This commitment will be broken half way (3 1/2 years) through the agreement. The man who "shall confirm" the mutual commitment between Israel and "the many" is the same person as in verse 26 "the prince."(2)

It is possible that a Rapture event will occur before the 70th week begins.

The Scope Of The Seventieth Week:

The scope of week 70 definitely centers around Israel. It is so intense that it will effect the entire world in one way or another. If you believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture then those people (believers in Jesus) would not be effected since they would be removed from the earth before the tribulation can begin.

The Purpose Of The Seventieth Week:

There are several purposes for the 70th week. I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test (or try) those who dwell upon the earth (Revelation 3:10).

Week 70 will be a time of trial, and tribulation. It will also be a time of testing and testimony from those who have come to know Christ since the 70th week began.


The 70th week of Daniel begins with the rider on the white horse (Antichrist) of Revelation 6:2, and closes with the rider on the white horse of Revelation 19:11 (Jesus Christ)(3)

The first 69 weeks involved only Israel because the church did not exist yet. They were also fulfilled literally. This helps to make a powerful argument that the 70th week will not involve the church either and will also be fulfilled literally.(1)

The beginning of the week may be marked by the establishment of a firm covenant or treaty between the Coming Prince and the Jewish nation.(1)

Jesus teaches about the future fulfillment of Daniel's prophecy after His death in Matthew 24:15.

There is support for a Gap In Time between week 69 and the start of week 70.

The 42 months of Revelation 11:1-2 and the 1290 Days of Dan. 12:11 are the same time period which is the last 1/2 or 42 months of the Seventieth Week or the last 3 1/2 Years of the 7 year Tribulation Period also known as Jacob's Trouble. (All of this is the same 1290 days referred to in different ways through different prophets).

Since the events described in Dan. 9:27 cannot be tied in with the time of Christ's crucifixion, the destruction of the Second Temple, or anything that happened in the first century, the text must look to the future.(2)

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