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1) Recite the Kiddush.

2) Wash the hands.

3) Eat a green vegetable.

4) Break the middle matzah and hide half of it for the Afikomen.

5) Retell the story of the Passover.

6) Ceremonial washing of the hands before the meal.

7) Blessing over the Matzah.

8) Eat the bitter herbs.

9) Eat a bitter herb and piece of matzah together.

10) Eat the meal.

11) Eat dessert, and search for, find and eat the Afikoman.

12) Grace after Meals' prayer.

13) Praise, Hallel, and Psalms.

14) Acceptance and then the conclusion.


Med-Messianic-SealSome guidelines include a 15th step. This step is taken by God and not us. It is a step of acceptance. A step by God to accept our fulfilling of the commandment to retell the story. The New Testament teaches that the sacrifice the Messiah made on the cross was acceptable to God, evidenced through His resurrection 3 days later and then His ascension into Heaven. While we would like to think God accepts all of are good deeds on our behalf that is simply wishful thinking. Isaiah says it best when he stated that For all of us have become like one who is unclean, And all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment; (Isaiah 64:6). The Lord likes it when we do good things because we want to better than He likes it when we feel obligated to do good things because we feel like we half to. Let the accomplishment on the cross represent you instead of you trying to represent yourself.

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