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50 Questions About Passover

1). Name the two treasure cities that the Hebrews built for Pharaoh.

2). The more the Egyptians afflicted the Hebrews, the more they __________.

3). Name the two Hebrew midwives.

4). What did the two midwives fear?

5). Name Moses’ brother and sister.

6). Name Moses’ father.

7). Name Moses’ biological mother.

8). Name Moses’ Egyptian/adoptive mother.

9). Why did she call his name Moses?

10). From which tribe was Moses?

11). Name the land to which Moses fled.

12). What were the names of Moses’ father-in-law?

13). How many daughters did Moses’ father-in-law have?

14). Name Moses’ wife.

15). Name the mountain where Moses saw the burning bush.

16). What were Moses’ two objections to God’s choice of Moses?

17). What two signs did God give Moses to convince the Hebrews of God’s plan?

18). What was a third sign if needed?

19). What was God’s solution to Moses’ second objection?

20). Who came from Egypt to meet Moses in the wilderness?

21). Name Moses’ firstborn son.

22). Why did Moses give him that name?

23). Moses and Aaron told Pharaoh to let them go how many days’ journey into the wilderness?

24). How did the Hebrews’ work situation change after the first demand to “Let My People Go”?

25). Name the Egyptian sorcerers who changed their rods into serpents.

26). How old was Moses when he stood with Aaron before Pharaoh?

27). How old was Aaron at that time?

28). What was the first plague?

29). What was the second plague?

30). Name three miracles that Pharaoh’s magicians “duplicated.”

31). Name the next to the last plague.

32). Which came first, hail or locust?

33). Which day of the month were lambs taken in preparation for the first Passover?

34). Which day of the month were the lambs killed?

35). What did the Hebrews use hyssop for at the first Passover?

36). What two other ritual uses of hyssop are commanded in the Torah?

37). Whose bones did Moses take from Egypt?

38). From which direction did the wind come to part the Red Sea.

39). Who led the women in dances after the Red Sea?

40). What musical instrument did the woman use?

41). Does the New Testament say whether or not Mary went up to Jerusalem for Passover every year with Joseph?

42). How many days’ journey had Joseph and Mary gone when they realized Yeshua was not with them?

43). How many days was it before they found him?

44). How old was Yeshua at that Passover?

45). What did Yeshua do at Passover in John chapter 2?

46). In preparation for Yeshua’s last Passover, two disciples were told they would meet ___________

47). Which two disciples were sent to prepare for the Passover?

48). Mary Magdalene at the Resurrection supposed He was __________.

49). Name one of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.

50). How many fish were in the net at the Resurrection appearance at the Sea of Galilee?


Try to answer these questions several times to see if you can remember most of the answers.

Answers to 50 Questions about Passover

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Gates of Eden, March/April 2008

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