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Here Is A Collection Of Miscellaneous Paschal Lamb Notes:

The lamb was slaughtered in the afternoon of the fourteenth of Nissan, prior to the commencement of the festival (Lev 23:5). 

The lamb was slaughtered by Israelites. Most other offerings were slaughtered by the priests.

No uncircumcised Jew was permitted to partake of the Paschal lamb (Exodus 12:48). If Gentiles wanted to eat the Passover lamb, they would have to be circumcised first.

There was believed to be a connection between circumcision and the Paschal lamb. It was also believed by many that the 14th of Nissan, which is the anniversary of the Exodus, was the anniversary of the Abrahamic covenant. The penalty for not being circumcised and not observing Passover may have been the same.

The crossing of the Jordan River occurred at Passover, 40 years after the original Passover. The first two official rites ordered by Joshua were the rites of circumcision and the Paschal lamb (Joshua 5:3,10).

None of the bones of the Paschal lamb could be broken (Exodus 12:46).

Roasting the lamb was the fastest and easiest way to cook it.  This helped to allow everyone to be more prepared for the Exodus, to be ready to leave Egypt at a moment's notice.

The atonement offering had to be a perfect animal (Deuteronomy 15:21).

The household could be more than one family as long as they came together under one roof (Exodus 12:46).

The family would pick a lamb, handsome and healthy looking, that was a yearling. Its age could range from eight days to one year. Then they would watch it for four days to make sure it wasn't sick before sacrificing it.

The Passover sacrifice had to be eaten entirely in one night (Exodus 34:25).

If you didn't have a lamb you could buy one at the temple that was already certified as an acceptable sacrifice by the priests in charge. This was the most common practice.

Only God could pick the place of the Paschal Lamb offering (Deuteronomy 16:5,6).

The number of Passover lambs in Jerusalem may have been over one million (Pesachim 64b).

While the temple was standing, the only place you could sacrifice the Lamb was in Jerusalem.


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While the temple was standing, the only place you could sacrifice the Lamb was in Jerusalem.


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